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Vasilia Malama09/03/2020
olia bitsou08/03/2020
Αργυρώ Χατζή03/03/2020
Elina Kuriakidou03/03/2020
thanos ts03/03/2020
George Trantas03/03/2020
Γερασιμος Πεφανης03/03/2020
Πολύ ωραίο μαγαζί. Είχε πάρα πολύ κόσμο και δυσκολεύτηκαμε να βρούμε τραπέζι. Όταν βρήκαμε όμως η εξυπηρέτηση ήταν άμεση και ευγενική. Το συστήνω. Ότι πήραμε από ροφήματα πολύ νόστιμα. Την άλλη φορά θα πάμε και για φαγητό (Translated by Google) Very nice shop. It was very crowded and we found it difficult to find a table. But when we found out the service was prompt and kind. I recommend it. That we got delicious drinks. Next time we will go for foodGeorgia L.03/03/2020
Sakis Laros02/03/2020

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  •   This is by far the best place in the city: food from morning till late in the evening, coffees, drinks etc. Great quality, huge variety, great service, friendly environment. This is the city's hotspot.

    thumb Evgenia365
  •   It’s a really good place. The food was outstanding, especially the burger. It’s very nicely located, right by the port, very pretty. Definitely worth checking it out.

    thumb misiv_72
  •   We went there for a drink, the beer list contains some Greek beers 😉 So it started very well and ... we wanted to have something to eat / share. We ordered the cheese / cured meat board and ... it was super yummy. The...More

    thumb Am_et_Mat
  •   Tsalapetinos is a great place to have a coffee or a drink. Near the port and the old town. Try the delicious chocolate fondue!!!

    thumb Yiannis Y
  •   Very tasty food and nice atmosphere. Great service and very helpful staff. Salads are tasty and good drinks 🙂

    thumb kayuk970