our philosophy

Tsalapeteinos – Urban Farm

Tsalapeteinos is not a one direction orientated project. Even if you can call it so, it is not an all day coffee shop or a smart restaurant neither just a cocktail bar or an artist stage.  We simply target to deliver a home comfortable feeling with high quality standards. Urban social activities take place on an open space and we are all around.  We call this project urban farm

bird’s birth

The inception concept birthed – an early morning – on summer 2014 and it all started on December 10th of the same year. The idea was always and still remains an undefined urban project. We name it Tsalapeteinos (latin: upopa epops) because acoustically the word itself brought a touching of comfort, a flicker in our landed minds.

why here?


Bearing in mind that we would be based in an over a century old (1907) building – which once was an ottoman bank (1910), post office (1920), warehouse (1930), second world war central building (1940), food market (1970), sea agent ticket office (1980), which also is placed in the center of Kavala, surrounded by the coolness of a tree yard next to the calm waters of the sea – It was a quite easy decision to build the project here.

whats all about

It is actually a task with three main product lines.

The bar which offers a wide range of products starting on the freshness of the third coffee movement, on the selected labels of draft beers, signature seasonal cocktails, rare single malts etc. We update the bar menu up to 3 times a year. There is also a quite old and wet enough cellar in which our bar-tending team is trained to disturb the aged relaxing wines carefully.

Tsalapeteinos our Philosophy
Tsalapeteinos urban farm
Tsalapeteinos urban farm

The kitchen lab. Our chef and his cooking mates are responsible for the brunch up to dinner card. They are all quite obsessed with what they are doing, they have daily meetings with all the producers and with theirselves, they highlight quality, seasonal availability and locality within their courses. The menu card changes up to four times a year. Tsalapeteinos awarded from trustworthy Athinorama magazine as the best food destination in Kavala municipality and as one of the ten best bar restaurants in Greece.

Last but not least is the cultural event geography in tsalapeteinos. At our stage, in and out – now and then – you can find live bands, small theatre productions, painting exhibitions, art presentations, photography galleries and so on.


cabin crew

We are a team of about forty ladies & gents.

We are all dressed in black.